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Welcome to the Mangum Education Center!. Since our first day of operation on September 8, 2010, we have worked hard to ensure that every effort is made to assist our young students and their parents in this most important time in their lives, the early childhood years.

Our campus is the first in this agency to have both an infant/toddler and a preschool program. This center services a total of 204 students. In addition, there is an Adult Literacy program housed within the complex. It services parents whose children are enrolled in the center and adults from the community. This program offers classes for English as a Second Language (ESL), General Education Certification (GED), and Computer Literacy (Spanish). It also assists graduating adults enroll in college courses and exam preparation.

The Head Start and Early Head Start programs provide a full day program for non-working parents, and an extended day program for working parents. This includes breakfast, lunch and a snack daily for each student, and a comprehensive accredited curriculum. Our teaching staff hold either a bachelor's, associate's and/or a child development associate's in addition to many years of early childhood experience. Each classroom also provides a Spanish speaking and English speaking staff member to maximize the learning experience for all students.

Please take a moment to browse through our page and visit the website at www.avancehouston.org to learn more about our agency and the numerous services it provides for the communities and families.

Committed to service…committed to you.

Ms. Lea Martinez | Center Administrator | Mangum Head Start



4503 Mangum Rd.
Houston,TX 77092
United States
Phone: (713) 686-5228

Contact Information:

Ms. Lea Martinez
Center Administrator for Head Start & Early Head Start

4503 Mangum Rd.
Houston, TX 77092
(43rd & Mangum Rd).

(713) 686-5228

Alma Rodriguez
Head Start Assistant

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