Letter from the Center Administrator

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 Hello, my name is LaTonya Jones, at Holbrook Homes Head Start, we look forward to sharing in your child’s growth as they experience change in all areas of their life. Your child and family are very important to me, and we are here to provide resources to help assist you with any of your family needs.
Each child has their own learning style and we will strive to ensure that I as well as my staff provide positive learning experiences which will help foster positive emotional, social, physical and cognitive skills.
We believe that parents play a key role. That role is to continually show interest in and support for your child.
The child who knows that his or her family is interested in and supports the program will almost always have fewer problems in school and will enjoy greater success. We are looking forward to getting to know both you and your child this year. Communication between parent, teacher, and student is very important for your child’s academic growth.
If you have any special questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to come in any time; you can also send us a note with your child in the morning, e-mail me; or set up a conference.
LaTonya Jones  | Center Administrator | Holbrook Head Start



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LaTonya Jones
Center Administrator

Anna Cortez
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Telephone: (713) 462-4423
Fax: (713) 460-7862


Procedures to Release Children
(Revised) March 2016

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