Parent-Child Education Program (PCEP)

The Parent-Child Education Program (PCEP) is as a national model of early childhood intervention.


Parents learn to help their children excel during their most critical years of learning through a variety of parenting workshops, creative toy-making sessions, and community resources.


The program is based on the premise that parents are their children’s first and most important teachers.


The PCEP is the primary gateway to AVANCE. Upon completion, parents can transition to other programs to create a stronger family bond, prepare for higher education and/or join the workforce. By then, their children are also ready to enter Head Start or elementary school. 


A three hour, weekly session lasting 9 months:


Parenting Education Session (1 Hour)

Parents gain knowledge in the areas of child growth and development. They understand that they are their children’s first and most important teacher, and that the home is the first classroom. 

Toy Making Class (1 Hour)

In this class, parents construct toys for their children that will aid them as they “learn through play.”

Community Resources (1 Hour)

Parents are introduced to the available community resources. Representatives from organizations across the city are scheduled to conduct one-hour presentations to share information and provide resources that are available to parents and families no cost.  


Early Childhood Education

AVANCE provides a stimulating and nurturing educational environment for children 0-3 years of age, while their parents attend the parenting sessions.  Children learn basic concepts such as letters, numbers, figures, colors and other activities designed to stimulate their five senses and their fine and gross motor skills. The program helps children prepare for elementary school. 


Home Visitation Component (1 Hour)
This 60-minute observation of a parent-child play activity is conducted once a month. The home visitation is scheduled by appointment.
This service helps parents and children get to and from class.
Special Events and Holiday Celebration
Family activities “can be fun” and educational!
Parents and children are served snacks.
AVANCE staff helps parents identify and address the special needs of their family.
Continue Education
Parents have the opportunity to enroll in other educational programs offered by AVANCE that will prepare them to move on to college or vocational training schools.


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