For the students and staff at Jensen Head Start Center, April 19th was an exciting day; sixty volunteers from Bank of America met at the center for a hard day’s work of volunteering. The main attraction of the day was transforming the playground with interactive games, bright art works, and color! The volunteers painted an array of creations from animals, flowers, the alphabet, numbers, and games such as hopscotch and a bike trail. This particular project was designed with two goals: to encourage the children to engage in playful exercise, and to reinforce what they were learning in the classroom.

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Additional activities that the volunteers participated in were helping cut dozens of yards of fabric, while others measured and braided yarn to help prepare toy-making kits for the AVANCE Parent-Child Education Program (PCEP). The program focuses on preparing parents to bond with their children beginning at their early stages of life.

2fgf Creating 17 different toy kits for 200 parents throughout the year is extremely taxing for AVANCE’s two toy making instructors; these extra 30 pairs of hands contributed a weeks’ worth of labor and materials for three necessary educational toys in solely 3 hours.

A few brave volunteers ventured into the classrooms to provide extra assistance for teachers. The children loved having visitors in their classroom, and the volunteers truly brightened up the centers day in more ways than one!


A huge thank you to Bank of America and to the amazing volunteers. The teachers, students and staff had such an amazing afternoon, and look forward to collaborating again in the near future!