Letter from the Center Administrator







Jensen Drive Head Start thrives to provide safe, quality, loving care and educational services to our families and children. We aspire to promote the positive development of young children in all areas of growth including social, emotional, intellectual, physical,and creativity. We commit to the most comprehensive educational aspect of the “Whole Child.”

Jensen Drive staff is deeply committed to further the values of early childhood education as they are reflected in the NAEYC code of ethical conduct to the best of their ability.

As center administrator I believe children must be respected and loved for their individual uniqueness, and to be in a loving secure environment, where teachers and children can share together as they grow and learn. As a center administrator my philosophy is to create a fun learning environment where the children can explore new and creative ways of learning so that they can reach their maximum potential as they develop throughout their different stages of development.

Mary Montgomery | Center Administrator | Jensen Drive Head Start




2702 Aldine-Westfield
Houston,TX 77093
United States
Phone: (713) 742-8952
Fax: (713) 694-4288

Center Administrator
Mary Montgomery Ext. 209

Center Assistants
Michelle Espinosa Ext. 200

Family Development Workers
Edith Rubio Ext. 214
Michael Grady Ext. 210
Elizabeth Martinez Ext. 210
Santos Maribel Calderón Ext. 203

Health Staff
Ida Puente Ext. 205
Health Technician
Elena Alvarado Ext. 206
Intervention Support Associate


Procedures to Release Children
(Revised) March 2016

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