Global Cardboard Challenge

Welcome to our Global Cardboard Challenge Event

Classroom arcade games and family projects are built to celebrate the conclusion of their box study and are shared at our Global Cardboard Challenge.

Families are encouraged to build games and additional projects at our events with materials donated by individuals and community vendors.


Music, special guests, community vendors, and refreshments will be available. 


We are excited to offer this event to our AVANCE Houston families again this year!


This is our third year participating in the Global Cardboard Challenge!


Last year we had over 500 people participate, this year, we are looking forward to an even bigger turn out!


Prior to the event, children will spend two weeks with their teachers and at home with their parents, learning about boxes in the classroom.

Global Cardboard Challenge 2016

AVANCE Houston-Global Cardboard Challenge 2015

AVANCE Houston-Global Cardboard Challenge 2014