Fatherhood: Fathers in Action

Through a series of workshops, field trips, and activities, AVANCE’s Fatherhood program helps dads learn to enjoy the experience of being an active partner in raising their children.


The program gives fathers the tools they need for their individual advancement as they expand their role in their child’s education, and ensure their children’s overall health and well-being. The workshops and activities focus on nurturing and bonding with the child, loving and respecting the child’s mother, coaching the child, and serving as a role model.

The AVANCE Fatherhood Program:

  • Enables fathers to become involved and loving dads
  • Enhances family unity
  • Increases father’s role in their children’s education
  • Improves interpersonal relationships among couples

Support Services

  • Classes conducted in English and Spanish
  • On site child care
  • Food/refreshments provided
  • Advocacy and referrals

Weekly Sessions

  • Once with fathers only
  • Twice as a couple
  • Once as a family


4281 Dacoma St.

Houston, TX |  77092



David Bell  (713) 812-0033 ext 159  |  (English) 

Hector Rodriguez, (713)239-2656 ext 182  |  (Spanish)  

Fax (713) 812-9829