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Descargue el tríptico informativo del programa para padres (Pdf)

Our Purpose
The AVANCE Fatherhood Program is committed to:

  • Enabling fathers to become involved
    and loving dads
  • Enhancing family unity
  • Increasing father’s role in their children’s education
  • Improving interpersonal relationships among couples


The Commitment
The Fatherhood Program emphasizes the first three main points focused on a
dad's relationship with his own children.
Loving your Child- affirming and nurturing your child, loving and/or respecting the child's mother.
Coaching your Child- being involved in your child's life and knowing them well
Modeling for your Child- consistently living the values you wish to pass on to your children

Support Services

  • Classes conducted in English and Spanish
  • On site child care
  • Food/refreshments provided
  • Advocacy and referrals


The Fatherhood Program meets weekly

  • Once with fathers only
  • Twice as a couple
  • Once as a family