ConocoPhillips Volunteers Helped Make Dozens of Toy Making Kits

Over forty enthusiastic ConocoPhillips employees joined AVANCE staff to learn more about our organization, and most importantly, lend a helping hand.

This ConocoPhillips Parent-Child Education Program volunteer event has turned into an annual event with volunteers cutting out different shapes and materials for individual toy making kits.  These kits will be utilized by the students to create all 26 toys during the 9-month program.


The Parent-Child Education Program (PCEP) staff serves over 200 parents throughout the year, provides early childhood care to their children, and with the help of these volunteers, will be able to provide numerous toy making kits for the families throughout the year.

PCEP is primarily subsidized through private donations, fundraising events and through our partnership with United Way. This event also allows AVANCE the opportunity to qualify for two volunteer grants, to support the PCEP program for months to come.

We would like to thank ConocoPhillips for donating their time and effort in creating these kits for our families.