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 November 2015  

Education Specialist –Head Start                                                                      Job Code- ESHS
Responsible for training and assisting teaching staff in planning, implementing and individualizing the educational program, assessing children’s outcomes in attending educational and developmental goals, and modifying the curriculum and teaching strategies to meet the needs of each child.
Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education/Child Development or related field.
Experience: At least two years of classroom teaching experience in an early childhood program. Preferred: Bilingual English/Spanish.
Health Coordinator                                                                                               Job Code-HC
The Health Service Manager will be responsible for providing an on-going monitoring of in-house program in compliance with AVANCE policies and Head Start federal regulations and program requirements. To ensure that the basic health needs of all Head Start children are met.
Education: Bachelor’s Degree in a health service area, or LVN License.
Experience: Two to Three years of work experience in the delivery of medical/social services.
Program Assistant - Data Entry                                                                     Job Code-APDE
The Program Assistant/Data Entry is responsible for collecting data on an ongoing basis from participants in the new Fatherhood Program, “Fathers in Action/Padres Activos”: Assist at workshops, administer required pre-post assessments and intake forms as per grant mandates. Staff will also provide administrative assistance and support to the Fatherhood Program Coordinator and program staff.
Education: GED or High School Diploma, Bilingual in English and Spanish.
Experience: 2 years of experience in social services, data collection and data management. Work experience in related field could compensate for the education requirements.
Program Assistant – Healthy Marriage                                                         Job Code- PAHM
This position provides administrative program assistance and support to the Healthy Marriage Coordinators, program staff, and assists in delivery of services.
Education: High School Diploma.
Experience: 2 years related work experience. Required: Bilingual English/Spanish.
Fatherhood Coordinator                                                                                   Job Code-FC
The Fatherhood Program Coordinator will be responsible for addressing the needs of fathers and their families, using culturally sensitive and strength based approach.  Able to help fathers develop strategies to overcome obstacles, strengthen positive father-child engagement, improve social/economic outcomes for their families and improve healthy relationships. 
Education: Bachelor’s Degree in, Social Work, Humanities, or other related field.
Experience: Fluent in English, 5 + years’ experience in the delivery of social services.

Family Development Worker                                                                   Job Code-FDWHM

The Family Development Worker will be responsible for providing families with comprehensive family development and adult education services though the development and implementation of an individualized service delivery plan. The provision of all services will focus on promoting the educational and economic success of the parents that in turn will promote the child’s overall growth and development.
Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work, Sociology, Psychology, Education or related field.
Experience: 2 yrs. minimum. Preferred Bilingual English/Spanish. 

EHS Home Visitor                                                                                     Job Code-EHS-HV

This position is responsible for coordinating, monitoring, and providing guidance to home based Early Childhood Case Management ensuring quality and quantity Early Childhood Services to infants and toddlers, pregnant women and their families enrolled in the AVANCE-Early Head Start Program.
Education: High School Diploma with CDA in Infant and Toddler or able to complete CDA within (1) one year from date of hire. Preferred: Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education (0-3 years) and AVANCE (9) nine months parenting program graduate.
Experience: Must have experience working with Infants and Toddlers. Preferred: Experience in home based early childhood services. Must be bilingual English/Spanish.


Family Development Worker- EHS/HS                                                  Job Code- EHS-FDW

The Family Development Worker will be responsible for providing families with comprehensive family development and adult education services through the development and implementation of an individualized service delivery plan. The provision of all services will focus on promoting the educational and economic success of the parents that in turn will promote the child’s overall growth and development. This position will require you to work evenings and weekends as needed. Bi-lingual Spanish/English Required.
Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work, Sociology, Psychology, Education or related field. Preferred: Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work (Certified.) Work Experience: One (1) year.


EHS-Instruction Support Aide                                                            Job Code EHS-ISA

This position is responsible for providing a safe, educationally stimulating and nurturing environment for children at the AVANCE Early Head Start (EHS) service sites. Preferred: at least 6 months experience working in an infant and toddler setting.
Education: HS School Diploma or equivalent 
Experience: Associates Degree in Child Development in Infants and Toddlers (Center-Based) Bilingual in English and Spanish, both oral and written.


Teacher (Early Head Start –Openings)                                             Job Code EHS-T

The Teachers are responsible for providing a safe and developmentally appropriate environment that promotes the child’s cognitive, social / emotional, health and physical development.  Develop individualized developmental and educational goals for each child. Assess each child’s outcomes to monitor developmental progress, and use various teaching strategies with an emphasis on language and literacy skills to meet the needs of each individual child.
Education: High school diploma or GED and CDA certification. 
Experience: Bilingual English/Spanish.


Teacher Aide Substitute (HS – various locations)                         Job Code TAS-HS

This position is responsible for assisting the program teachers with all aspects of the program, including intake, filing, organizing and maintaining participants’ files.  It is also responsible for assisting teachers in providing children with a safe learning environment that includes children with disabilities, to meet their differing abilities, developmental levels and approaches to learning.
Education: High School Diploma or Equivalent.
Experience: 6 months to 1 year experience in a licensed childcare facility or working with young children. Head Start experience is a plus. CDA preferred. Bilingual English/Spanish, college hours in Education or related field, and AVANCE graduate.



To apply, please send your resume and a copy of your transcripts to:

ATTN: HR @ Fax-713-812-1473 or EMAIL

Only selected candidates will be contacted.

NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE Due to the volume of interest, we cannot respond to every resume and we are unable to provide ongoing status. You will only be contacted if you are determined to be one of the most qualified candidates for the position(s) based on your skills and experience.

Positions open until filled. Must have valid driver’s license and pass background check, physical and drug screen. EEO

All Positions are security sensitive and subject to Texas Education Code 51.215, which authorizes the employer to obtain criminal history record information.

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