AVANCE supporters help families and employees affected by Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey left a wake of devastation in Houston and all across Southeast Texas, leaving hundreds of thousands of people with flooded homes wondering what’s next for their families. Our hearts were broken for the lives lost and for those left with nothing but the clothes on their backs, and as an organization ready to serve our community, we decided to act!


The incredible outpouring of generosity that was displayed blows us away. We want to thank you—our neighbors, friends, supporters, board members and local organizations such as the Houston Fire Department, Jefferson Dental Clinic, Cypress Assistance Ministries, and High Point Sanitary Solutions for linking arms to gather supplies for our AVANCE children, families and employees affected by Hurricane Harvey.


Our Dacoma location has been the main distribution center for gently used clothes, diapers, personal hygiene products, baby care items, toys, books, and cleaning supplies.


We appreciate every effort given during these difficult times.


Items are available for distribution, please contact your center administration or family development worker for Harvey Relief Pantry details.