Engaging hundreds of kids and families in creative play

Saturday October 1st marks the annual world-wide Global Cardboard Challenge, and AVANCE children across Houston will be joining this event created by the Imagination Foundation, with the purpose of fostering children’s education, creativity, entrepreneurship, and enforcing recycling awareness.

Hundreds of parents and their preschoolers across AVANCE centers have been working for weeks building educational games using recycled materials such as cardboard boxes, bottles, paper, paint, scissors, and whole lot of imagination.  Their creative masterpieces will be displayed for everyone to enjoy, as they will turn the Mangum center’s parking lot into their own arcade.

WHEN:           Saturday, October 1, 2016      Time: 9am-12pm    

WHERE:         AVANCE Mangum Education Center (parking lot)

                        4503 Mangum Road, Houston TX 77092

WHY: Designed with STEM (Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) components in mind, the games will be displayed for families to explore, learn and enjoy.

This event will give families an opportunity to bond and play with the unique games, which include robots, gigantic zoo animals, twister and more.  Additionally, a cutting station will be available for visitors interested in constructing more games on-site.

Other entertainment will include: The Houston Fire Department truck, The City of Houston Recycling Solid Waste & Management truck, Lakeshore Learning, and a DJ among other activities for the entire family to enjoy.

Inspired by the short film, “Caines’ Arcade,” the Global Cardboard Challenge is an annual event presented by the Imagination Foundation that celebrates child creativity and the role communities can play in fostering it.

AVANCE mission: Unlocking America’s potential by strengthening families in at-risk communities through effective parent education and support programs.

Motto: Parents are the first teachers, Home is the first classroom